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TTA Introduction

Taiwan Turnkey Project Association (TTA)

Taiwan Turnkey Project Association (TTA), having accumulated many years of experience, is calling all the Taiwanese manufacturers to enhance their planning ability and global marketing skills. It is also hoped that through international technological exchange, their machinery manufacturing standard can be raised.

TTA will at the same time expand the scope of turnkey project items to be digitized to boost production's added value, as well as collaborate with the industries of environment, green-energy and people's livelihood to promote the use of renewable energies, wishing to additionally contribute to the areas of energy-saving and carbon reduction.

Our Advantages:
-Having Key Technology
-Integrating the whole plant equipment technical know-how and management skill
-Providing customized Product and service

Our Missions:
-Member service& Information provide
-Marketing works &Business Consultant
-Trading & Managing training for Turnkey Project
-Foreign Affairs &International Cooperation
-Intelligent Automation

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