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Blooming Opportunities in Global Wooden Building , CMM International Inc. Turnkey Supported


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Japanese timber company SUMITOMO FORESTRY CO., LTD., and architects NIKKEN SEKKEI has revealed an ambitious plan in February, 2018, as they are going to build the world’s first supertall wood structured skyscraper in Tokyo. The building would be 350-metre high and named “W350”, SUMITOMO FORESTRY CO., LTD. is proposing this hybrid timber skyscraper to mark the company's 350th anniversary in 2041. In the west, there is a 300-metre high wooden building project in London as well, which is comparing to “W350”. What if timber skyscraper is becoming an international trend? An environmentally-friendly and timber-utilizing cities could be instead of the modern concerted jungles someday.

Besides, Japanese government enforces the regulation of “Public building with timber materials” since 2010. Small timber building (3 floors below) are required to build with timber materials, and it revived the trend of wooden building. The Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designs National Stadium for the Tokyo 2020, which adapts a large numbers of timber materials. In fact, environmentally friendly wooden building not only popular in Japan, but also becoming a trend in the world. The student dormitory of University of British Columbia in Vancouver, which is the tallest timber building in the world (high 53 metre; 18 storeys), and it only took about 9 weeks to finish the construction.

Generally, people think timber material is less strength, decaying and inflammable, not suitable for building. But why timber material is becoming a new trend for architecture lately? The President of CMM International Inc. Mr. Huang, who is the third generation of family business specialize at wooden machine and turnkey service in global market, explain it to us” Timber material is eco-friendlier and carbon reducing, and there is a latest material CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) from Germany and Switzerland, which is stronger than reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete would be melted by high temperature and cause the building collapses, but CLT wouldn't.

Actually, as the technology progress day by day, the technique of timber structure is different from the pass. The structure technique and safety functions of the timber building are able to meet the challenges from environmental conditions, and the performance even better than the reinforced concrete and other noncombustible materials. Moreover, the wood texture gives people warm and gentle feeling with a relaxing sense, always bring calm and natural to the people. It’s quite common to see timber building in countryside of the countries with sustainable development goals such as European counties, North America countries and Japan...etc. The modern wooden house appears everywhere from the cold and chilly Alaska down to hot and humid Hawaii.

The President Huang emphasize “Wood is more environment friendly, because it consumes CO2 from the air (Each cube of wood can consume 1-ton of CO2). In the other hand, wood has characteristic to improve the sound and thermal insulation, provide a more comfort space to people.” CMM International Inc. as the specialist of global wood industry, besides the turnkey service of various kinds of furnishing and building materials production line, also help many clients to set up the investment on wooden house production line successfully in Japan, China and Mongolia. In addition, CLT technique would be more common used for timber building in the future. “CMM International Inc. will announce a proper production integration service shortly” President Huang further explained.

As a family business with 65 years’ experience in global wood industry for CMM International Inc. President Huang expressed eagerly” We take enhancing our clients’ competitiveness to generate profit as our business policy; we provide everything we know to support our clients sincerely and long termly.

For further information, please contact ~CMM International Inc.~

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