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“The trouble hunter of packing machine" Marvelous work by SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.


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The President Mr. Yao of SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., who has a title “The trouble hunter of packing machine” between the members of Taiwan Turnkey Project Association (TTA). Recently, SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has done a marvelous work— [Auto filling packing machine for festival crackers], the client came all the way from India asking for the help from President Yao. Of course, Mr. Yao never lets the client down as usual, the Indian client was amazed and thankful by the work. President Yao was successfully played the solver role again.

Since India’s economy is growing fast in recent years and having positive expectations for future development. The celebration products such as cracker have high demand for many occasions and festivals in India. Indian people love the colorful chopped paper and flowers spreading out from the cracker to celebrate their faith and express the happiness. In this case, President Yao designed a full- automatic filling packing machine, which integrated the whole processes with many ingenious ideas.
This packing machine can adjust the function of process easily according to the different specification and filling stuffs. It’s not only simple operation but also economize on manpower, producing time and space; The product quality is more stable, and the capacity is increasing. Moreover, it gives strong confidence to the client on the cracker business investment.

Regarding this outstanding performer, Mr. Yao humbly said “I just did my best to support the client, to meet their ideas and demands.”

Because President Yao always keeps “Customer’s satisfaction and product’s quality” as the original intention in mind. After innovating, improving techniques and accumulating experiences over 40 years, SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has become an expert of high-speed auto filling packing machine in different industries. The machines are not only awarded various prizes and patents, obtained CE certification and ISO-9002 certification, but also gain excellent reputation from domestic and foreign clients with long term partnership. Nowadays, the machines have been exported to more than 35 countries. (ex: South-east Asia, India, Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East countries…)

As for the challenge of SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in the future, President Yao emphasized” Product customizing would be the priority strategy.” “We need to produce the most competitive and efficient packing machine for the clients according to their demands and conditions.” Moreover, because President Yao Keep an open mind and do the best to meet the clients’ demands, SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has gained a lot of experiences and advantages for different industries. “SAN TUNG has the know-how on various industries and familiarize the process, raw materials and formula, we can provide the additional services like professional consultancy and other Actual production assistances.”

As the President Yao is full of enthusiasm and having a deep conviction for his business, we can predict that the cooperation would be closer between SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. and their clients in the future, also contribute the improvement and innovation to industries at the same time. We expect to see President Yao's “phenomenal performance” In the near future.

For further information, please contact ~SAN TUNG MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.~

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