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Modern Food Steaming: “Quickly” Food Steamer, Saving Your Time and Energy


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With the vast growing trend of healthy diet, the popularity of steaming method and food steamers also rise for it can keep nutrition inside foods by steaming. Steaming, as a way of food preparing, has long been fully adopted in Cantonese breakfast tea culture, which brings dim sum and all sorts of Hong Kong delicacies to the world. Serving as the main tool in food steaming, how did steamers develop to keep up with newest needs and challenges in catering industry? According to Quickly, leading brand of food steamers in Asia, besides making their products meet all the basic functions, being fast and economical is the key for all manufacturers to stay competitive in this fast-moving and eco-friendly era.

GM Chang of Quickly Food Machinery indicated that steaming is indeed a very healthy way of preparing food. It preserves the original shape, flavor and nutrition of foods. In comparison with other cooking methods like deep-fry, pan-fry and sauté, foods tend to contain much less oil and keep all the nutrition to the maximum after steaming. In another word, steaming is the more suitable way of cooking in healthy diet. However, cooking time still stands as the most precious value in catering management. “The top priority is to complete the steaming process within very short period of time”, said GM Chang; thusly the brand was named as the adverb “quickly”.

Keeping in mind the faith of always provide solutions to customers’ needs, Quickly Food Machinery had successfully established the gas combustion steamer long ago. The gas combustion steamer was fast, convenient and eco-friendly, featuring the advantage in saving time, labor and gas. The product had gained the CE marking certification of the EU and received patent licenses in Taiwan, China, the US, Singapore and other southeast Asian countries. “Compared to other traditional steamers, our gas combustion steamer needs only a half of the usual amount in gas consuming. Despite being designed as super energy-saving, this steamer model didn’t sacrifice its efficiency in exchange. It is able to boil 34 liters of cold water within 3 minutes. Super-fast heating up with very high vapor quality”, explained GM Chang. The door of the steamer is made with heat resistant safety glass, the transparency is excellent. It can prepare white rice for 960 people at once with its large capacity and high efficiency. It has timer and temperature control built-in, and other additional functions such as fermentation and sterilization.

Take the common problems in steaming process of buns and baozi for example, the stainless-steel cabinet and automatic door-opening system of Quickly’s gas steamer prevent those buns and baozi made from high gluten flour from size shrinking and wrinkles after steaming. The equipment is water droplet free, it heats the foods evenly with no blind corner and keeps the foods soft and moist, with better appearance, size and texture. On the other hand, the fir wood steamers are designed to have fir wood and bamboo inner structure, which creates the key environment to keep the proper humidity inside the cabinet that gives foods their authentic flavor.

“We value customers’ questions and suggestions very much. Learning from their feedbacks, Quickly is now able to provide a total solution including research, designing, manufacturing, problem detection and after services”. With 40 years of successful experience, Quickly provides their customer unique products with newest design. Quickly enjoys great reputation in catering and snack food industry worldwide, especially in Hong Kong, where 90% of local restaurants use their steamers. Export sales cover 70% of the company’s total revenue.

GM Chang emphasized that Quickly never stops in innovating. The company constantly dedicates on making better steamer products, and is planning to expand their factory in year 2019 in order to increase the production capacity and the delivery efficiency. Quickly will also start new services in comlete turnkey project consulting and planning with related know-how in aliment producing, hoping to help their customers to achieve new heights in business by satisfying them with exquisite customized services.

For further information, please contact ~ QUICKLY FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD.~

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