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Chimei Enterprise Leads in High-Variety, Low-Volume Manufacturing


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In recent years, in order to survive the intensive competition between industries or the characterization of consuming habits, most producers tend to keep establishing new product models within very short period. This makes the challenge of high-variety, low-volume manufacturing transforming from only a topic of discussion as it used to be, to a real issue to be dealt with. Furthermore, how exactly will producers face the challenge in producing packages, which play a crucial role in a product’s image building and marketing strategy? For this we’ve interviewed chairman Wang of Chimei, hereinafter referred to as Chimei Enterprise Co., one of the leading companies of Taiwanese packaging machinery industry, to find out how do they adapt to the tendency.

“How to change the whole setting of production lines instantly is the key in low-volume high-variety productions”, said chairman Wang.

Indeed, the decline of availability and increased total cost which caused by shutting down or adjustment of production lines are the biggest concern of customers. How to make the process of changing production settings for different packaging productions as quick as possible becomes top priority for packaging machinery producers. After years of research and development, Chimei had successfully launched the multifunctional, adjustable Cellophane/BOPP overwrapping machine and the thermoforming machine with their rich experience in machinery manufacturing. Unlike the old models modified only for single product specification, these new machines can re-adjust production settings within 15 minutes, quickly and precisely, matching various package sizes for different goods.

“We hope to stay on top of all kinds of variables in production and be able to react beforehand using smart manufacturing methods with the concept of Industry 4.0”, quoted chairman Wang. To achieve this goal, they came up with some pretty clever solutions in designing. To illustrate, they have added sensing system onto automatic machines and integrated it with computer controlling system, which gave those machines the ability of self-analyzing equipment errors and measuring the consumption of mechanic spare parts automatically. Their smart machines collect data, provide analysis, estimate and maintain safety stock, and eventually help their customers to build a smart production line with high quality, efficiency and elasticity, make the digitalization of production management come true.

Additionally, Chimei also offers total solution services of integrating front and back end systems with the main production line. For example, you can combine the BOPP overwrapping machine with heat press shrinker and stacker, to complete a highly efficient full-automatic production line. It raises productivity, lowers the cost, and even make the whole product prettier simultaneously. On the other hand, the thermoforming machines can be equipped with PLC system and human-machine interface touch screen. With its fully automatic operation, the thermoforming machine can complete a flow packaging process including double-layer (upper and lower) automatic adhesive molding, evacuation, gas filling, package sealing and cutting, also being able of quick die change. After processing, the package product can have high leakproofness that keeps the good from moisture, rust and dust, improving the quality, value and safety of the product. Moreover, it is also feasible to add industrial robots into production line to support the material feeding and unloading procedure, which builds an even more completed automatic production line.

As emphasized by chairman Wang, under the global-scale overwhelming waves of innovative technology and vast changes in industries, corporations are inevitably going to be knocked out if can’t keep up with newest technological progress. Corporations should keep upgrading and transforming in order to stay competitive in constantly changing environments. Aiming to react to the rapid changing demand of both international and domestic markets, Chimei Enterprise have been doing research and developing new techniques continually, collaborating with academic institutions during the past 47 years ever since the company’s very own foundation. Without a doubt, Chimei enjoys a worldwide reputation of having premium product quality and great honesty in doing business.

“Chimei Enterprise will keep up in providing the most cutting-edge services in future as we always have been”, said chairman Wang with full confidence and passion.

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