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Meet Your Best Partner in Emerging Markets: WellHand, the Expert in Turnkey Services


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What’s the first image popped up in your mind when it comes to “turnkey” services? Or do you even have actual experiences related to it? “The bourgeoisie class of the emerging market countries have recently just arisen, having not much capital in hand and familiarity with the industrial environment, neither. The point is to offer them well-organized comprehensive plans, to cover their disadvantages and help them gain more profits from investments”. I recalled these passionate words of Dr. Chen immediately as seeing numerous turnkey-solution proposals with rich contents, piled up on the table. By visiting him in person, we have again found out how much effort has Dr. Chen, the chairman of WellHand Ind. Co., been putting in providing turnkey services to customers.

Chairman Chen of WellHand has been doing international trading business and serving turnkey solutions for nearly 40 years. He is one of the senior predecessors of Taiwanese turnkey service business and nicknamed respectively as “Dr. Chen” by members of the TTA (Taiwan Turnkey-project Association). With his engineering background, Dr. Chen not only has high professionality in turnkey-project field, offers a wide-range of services, also has always been keeping up with newest industrial knowledges and studying them down to every technical detail. Thus, he enjoys the reputation of being a polymath and is famous for the detailed, moreover helpful advices he gave to his customers. Furthermore, chairman Chen has been taking part of numerous international industrial development-assisting projects implemented by Taiwanese government in our diplomatically allied nations. Every time when it comes to related topics, chairman Chen, who also serves as senior consultant in the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), always emphasizes that the services being provided today wouldn’t even have existed without Taiwan’s experiences in economic growth and advantages of having a complete industrial supply chain.

Over the past seven decades, with efforts dedicated by numerous SMEs, Taiwan had transformed from a poor, post-war agricultural economy, experiencing different stages such as export processing, import substitution, light industry and heavy industry, to a comprehensively developed modern society, in which communication technology, biotech and creative industry flourish. This successful case of experience in economic development is very valuable and useful for emerging market countries. Dr. Chen, in this case, is the best partner for all investors and industrialists who put bet on industries of emerging market countries, for he is indeed a turnkey expert in all aspects.

Founded in 1982, the company WellHand Ind. Co. started the business with international trading and dealership services. After years of expanding, now WellHand offers a complete turnkey project planning and investment service, which includes feasibility evaluation, product/production line designing, machinery manufacturing/integration, transportation, test-running, technology transfer, production line operation training, maintenance guiding, and a full series of after services. WellHand’s services cover a wide variety of industries, such as agricultural product processing, food processing, candy/cake production, drink/diary production, flexible package production, eco-friendly production, organic fertilizer production, bio liquefaction/fermentation, back-end process and packaging line of medicine, etc.

“Our mission is to build a platform of business strategy and development for international manufacturers to integrate all resources they need, regardless of whether they do new business or matured, existing business, nor the scale of it.” Said chairman Chen without a bit of doubt, regarding the role and development of WellHand. The rich experience and confidence of chairman Chen in the field of turnkey service revealed spontaneously between his words.

When it comes to the vision and long-term plans of the company, chairman Chen answered: “In a nutshell, we help our customers to be free from geographical limitations, to seize the right opportunities”. In the end of the interview, despite knowing deeply that it is definitely not easy task to manage business and investments, I still can see the bright future in which those business owners and investors thrive with the support from their best partner, chairman Chen.

For further information, please contact ~ WELL HAND INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION~

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