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Professional Manufacturer of Educational Training Equipment - K&H MFG. CO., LTD. Leads to the Future


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"Talents" have become the most valued asset of countries and enterprises. We can no longer use the old "factory model" to nurture our next generation due to the changes brought by AI technology in every industry. To cope with the crisis of low fertility rates, we should consider the following question: what kind of talents Taiwan should be nurturing in the future that will be needed globally? The Education 2030 Framework for Action released by UNESCO in 2015 clearly outlines a blueprint for the future of global education and encourages countries to work hard to accelerate the development. Governments translate the global education goal into achievable national goals based on priorities of education, strategies, and plans of national development, and availability of institutional capacity and resources. The two points of the educational vision of the United Nations, quality education and lifelong learning, have become the future educational policies pursued by all countries.

For the sustainable development of human, economy, society, and environment, the educational vision of the United Nations goes beyond utilitarian education and integrates multiple aspects of human life. Global civic consciousness and engagement are enhanced and sustainable development is advanced through education. Cultural respect and linguistic diversity are also enhanced, which is essential to achieving social harmony and equity. As the daily-changing technology transforms the way we learn, the United States is the first country to define the core skills of citizens born in the 21st century as follows: to learn and innovate, to receive and utilize information, media, and technology, to live and to work. The goal is to equip every citizen with creativity, skills of critical thinking and problem solving, the ability to communicate and cooperate in a team.

As education is being much valued globally, teaching methods and aids are even more significant. When mentioning suppliers of education and training equipment, K&H will be called to mind. The team led by the K&H chairman Mr. Wu is experienced in nurturing talents. With its excellent product design and reliable quality management, the team provides clients with high-end educational products. With 40 years of experience from the earlier stages of design and develop to export, we provide services of professional teaching equipment and solution method across multiple fields, including (1) planning of laboratory equipment and testing panels for aerospace, green energy, information and technology, machinery, electronics, electrical, automobile electronics, network, communications, control, IoT, physics, chemistry, etc in technical schools and vocational training centers; (2) Planning and design for electromechanical integration equipment; (3) Training courses and overall equipment planning for civil service organizations and institutions.

Mr. Wu, the chairman of K&H, said that in the future, the company would continue to integrate the development of products with multimedia teaching, and to achieve the ultimate goal of digitalized teaching, so that learning science and technology could be under a lively, easy-learning, and easy-understanding atmosphere, thus changing the traditional teaching method relying only on textbooks in the past. Besides, we also expected to seamlessly integrate practical operation with occupational knowledge to train professionals who would be contributing to the corresponding industry. We would no longer be educating our new generations based on the high scores in the exams. K&H could provide the most professional service for this urgent educational transformation to meet the needs of talents in various industries.

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