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As the Leading Manufacturer of PET Blow Molding Machine, CHUMPOWER Initiates Intelligent Engineering


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The fastest ultra-high-speed linear stretch blow molding machines, with the capacity of 5 bottles per second, are manufactured in Taiwan! PET bottles are widely used in daily-life products, such as drinking water, beverages, cosmetics, and skincare products. What you may not know is that the production of a wide variety of high-quality PET bottles all depends on Taiwan’s CHUMPOWER Machinery Corp (CHUMPOWER).

Since CHUMPOWER’s establishment 37 years ago, our PET blow molding machines have been sold to over 100 countries. And we are still selling 250 blow molding machines every year, which comprises 85% of the domestic exports of PET blow molding machines. “There is no rival in Taiwan,” said Mr. Shulin Xie, the general manager, with a smile. In order to upgrade the industry in the trend of transforming it from traditional factory to intelligent manufacturer, the general manager thinks that it is worth investing in the items that can lead to the goal of “one improvement and two reduces”, which means improving the quality, reducing the delivery time and the cost.

For the overall market demand, the average annual growth rate of the global demand for PET bottles is 5%~6%. According to the analysis of Allied Development Corp., a specialist in consultation and statistics of the packaging industry, the global demand for PET bottles packaging industry has been growing at a compound annual rate of 5.5% from 2015 to 2019. The growth rate of the top 5 PET bottle packaging including drinking water, soft drinks, tea, sports drinks, and juice is up to 5.9% per year. The average annual growth rate of non-beverage PET bottle packaging is up to 6%. According to the observation of current demand, the items of the highest growth rate are seasonings, medicine bottles, daily commodities, etc.

With the intensifying call for plastic reduction all over the world, will the growth of CHUMPOWER be limited? Mr. Xie mentioned that biodegradable materials are being used for blowing bottles in CHUMPOWER’s machines. Some clients have successfully produced them and promoted their brand image through advertising. Therefore, CHUMPOWER will not be affected even if PET bottles are banned in the future. Besides, PET bottles are the most successful plastic materials in a circular economy. After recycling, they can be made into clothes, packaging bags, carpets, etc., which can't be replaced by other materials in a short period.

CHUMPOWER has been thinking about how to enhance the competitiveness of the products manufactured by traditional mechanical equipment through intellectualization since 2017. CHUMPOWER has independently developed the “Bottle Viewer”, an intelligent bottle blower production system that provides visual operation information of all the blow molding machines. Clients can stay in control of all production activities including production process, machine status, machine movement, remote control, etc. from a handheld device in real-time.

CHUMPOWER not only can produce the PET blow molding machines with the fastest plastic injection rate but also provide the overall planning and construction of the whole intelligent production line in a factory. We have been already receiving such orders from Uzbekistan, Yunnan, Turkey, and other places. In terms of development strategy, the company is able to win orders from food and beverage manufacturers in metropolitan areas with a population of more than 50 million with the strengths of flexibility, speed, and low cost. We can also apply our knowledge and experience of developing machines in Taiwan to other developing countries to help our clients to achieve the goal of intelligent factory step by step.

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