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Rising Demand for Flexible Electronics Spurs Groundbreaking Advances in Jung Chang’s Coating Equipment Technologies


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Jung Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the professional design and manufacture of flexible substrate coating equipment. In its early years, the Company focused on the production of turnkey adhesive tape plant. Through an active commitment to R&D and innovation, expansion of product lines, and development of high-precision coating process equipment ideally suited for the photovoltaic industry, the Company has gained the ability to provide more diversified services. In 2008, an Air Purge clean room plant building was constructed in Tainan with the goal of optimizing production quality. At the same time, small-batch-production experimental machinery and equipment was set up to give a boost to process improvements and development and thereby enhance optical industry service levels and overall competitiveness.

Mr. Lu, Chairman of Jung Chang Machinery, points out that the demand for Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) has greatly increased as a direct result of the vigorous development of portable communication devices, mini laptops, tablets, and LCD screens. FPCs are widely and universally applied in areas that are closely connected to our daily lives such us automobiles, logistics, wearable devices, healthcare, commercial displays, consumer electronics, gaming, education, and packaging. Flexible displays and electronics have now been deemed as the next trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan. Most notably, high-precision coating technology is one of the key technologies in the field of upstream materials for the electronics industry. Functional coating products applied in the electronics and biomedical industries, in particular, are drawing increasing attention.

Jung Chang has become one of the key suppliers of the international adhesive tape industry chain. Its product range includes turnkey self-adhesive tape plant and related equipment, clean room coating equipment for electron optics products, paper coating equipment, surface treatment equipment, IMR film (protective film) coating machinery, solar film coating machinery, fully unmanned automated coating machinery, and 450m, high-speed coating equipment. The vigorous development of the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries in recent years has stimulated the demand for electronic tape. The Company has therefore expanded its R&D efforts resulting in the successful development of a coating machine for different types of optical film including polarizers, diffusion film, and conductive film as well as electronic tape. Chairman Lu has adopted a strategy of forming OEM/ODM partnership with a large international manufacturer in Japan to bring the company in sync with international developments. The goal is to replace competition with cooperation and gain the ability to better meet the demands of international clients in Europe, America, and Japan through coating and lamination manufacturing technologies.

Chairman Lu proudly states that the Company has officially launched its dust-free, high-precision coating/lamination machine which conforms to the class 1,000 clean room standards. In accordance with high-speed coating and dust-free operations, the Company has exclusively designed a floating oven which is ideally suited for the production of high-precision products such as optical film. This not only stabilized the demand for the Company’s dust-free coating equipment by the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries, it also enabled the Company to venture into the market for coating applications in the healthcare industry and opened up dazzling new opportunities for the Company’s coating machinery in international markets.

Jung Chang relies on its solid experience in the coating machinery industry accumulated over 30 years and continues to focus on the development of high-precision technologies to achieve breakthroughs in the field of mechatronic technologies. The Company further harnesses its cutting-edge technologies and top-notch capabilities of its service team to gain an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing needs of every customer and provide tailor-made customized services. Chairman Lu humbly states that better machines do not equal perfection. Jung Chang embraces this modest spirit in its constant pursuit of research advances and its firm commitment to delivering world-class products. The Company strives to realize its vision of sustainable operations and development through a down-to-earth approach of steady progress.

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