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Dakong Spearheads Efforts in the Field of Eco-Friendliness and Creation of Green Factories


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Dakong Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of professional circular knitting machinery such as machines for the knitting of hosiery, webbing, and hats. The company has over 60 years’ experience in the development of manufacturing technologies and processes for automated cotton hosiery machinery. After second-generation President Charles Chao took over the reins of the company, he took the initiative in accelerating global deployment. Technology Research Centers were established in the Taiwan HQ, Italy, and Turkey, and the company successfully expanded into European, American, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. Its self-owned brand is marketed in over 40 countries and regions worldwide. Dakong is currently the largest manufacturer of automated hosiery machinery in Asia and the second largest in the world.

President Chao points out that process advances and upgrades pose an arduous challenge in view of the limited scope of the Taiwanese industrial economy. Despite these difficulties, it is mandatory to shoulder this heavy burden to guarantee the sustainable development of Taiwanese knitting machinery. For instance, the closing of the toe of the sock after machine manufacturing has always been created manually using hand-linking technique with sewing machines in a time-consuming and tiring process which is taxing on the eyes. Multi-seam sewing requiring turning requires even more time and effort, while utilization of thick threads for the selvage results in discomfort for the wearer. In response to the latest demands and global trends in sock manufacturing processes, Dakong has made large investments in the research and development of automated hosiery sewing and knitting machinery. This helps save time and labor and provides greater comfort for wearers due to smoother seams. President Chao is firmly convinced that this revolutionary sewing and knitting machine will not only usher in a wave of knitting machinery replacement worldwide but also open up international markets for the company.

Under President Chao’s leadership, the company has participated in numerous competitions and adopted professional certifications to enhance and strengthen the internal capabilities of the company. The necessity of reforms and adjustments has been determined through these processes. The company’s knitting machines have been honored with numerous awards such as the Rising Star Award, the Innovation Award, and the Taiwan Excellence Award. Acquired certifications include ISO, CE, D&B DUNS Registered, Product Footprint Certification, Electromagnetic Testing Certification, ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventories, ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification, and Functional Textile Certification. President Chao was presented with a Model of Entrepreneurs Award at the 35th Award Ceremony.

It is noteworthy that Dakong manufactured the first carbon footprint-certified hosiery machine worldwide. The company is firmly committed to implementing nature-conserving and eco-friendly concepts in its production processes with the goal of minimizing unnecessary energy consumption. It strives to create win-win outcomes for the environment and humanity. Based on this philosophy, the company has planted a total of 2,500 white poplars with powerful carbon adsorption properties to realize the goal of a green factory area. In addition to an estimated carbon adsorption of 140 metric tons, the purified air improves the work environments of the company’s employees. Power consumption data of production equipment such as energy-intensive machinery, washing/sewage and chiller units is constantly monitored through installation of complete energy-conservation facilities and comprehensive electronic monitoring systems. Optimal equipment operation modes are determined to reduce unnecessary power consumption. These efforts have resulted in power savings of 10-15%. Solar panels with a total capacity of 258KW have been added to enhance energy recovery rates. Furthermore, high-performance water-cooled air conditioners have been installed to achieve estimated annual power savings of 380 MWh. Finally, creative energy conservation has been incorporated as a key item of performance appraisals to motivate employees to take the initiative in implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction concepts. The ambition is to become a new benchmark for companies through smart conservation and the creation of a sustainable green environment.

Due to its long experience in the textile machine industry, Dakong has the professional capabilities required for the planning and design of integrated equipment for turnkey plants and the provision of professional consultation and whole-plant planning services for various textile manufacturing processes. President Chao states his firm commitment to the formulation of global marketing strategies based on the philosophy of “deep roots in Taiwan with a global vision” to achieve steady progress and growth for the company.

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