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Yenchen Machinery Accelerates Intelligent Management of Biopharmaceutical Equipment


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Since its inception over five decades ago, Yenchen Machinery has evolved into the leading supplier of pharmaceutical machinery. The company is situated in the Hwa Ya Technology Park, covering a total area of over 6,600m². The company’s products are widely applied in the pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnology industries. Yenchen specializes in the following main product categories: tablet processing equipment, pellet equipment, automatic extraction equipment, oral dosage equipment, injection equipment, and ointment & cream equipment. Yenchen Machinery products are world-famous and are exported to over 70 countries spanning Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Numerous leading pharmaceutical manufacturers ranked among the top 20 worldwide have formed close partnerships with Yenchen and adopted its professional equipment. Major clients include Pfizer, Novartis, Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, Daiichi-Sankyo, Eisai, Otsuka, YSP, CCPC, Bora, TTY Biopharm, Kelti, Taisugar, Hsu Fu Chi, Yiling, Hengrui, Sanofi-aventis, Novast.

Governments throughout the world share a common vision for the development of biopharmaceuticals. In recent years, the Taiwanese government has also given full its support to the biopharmaceutical industry by injecting considerable manpower and resources into relevant R&D efforts. This has given Taiwan a significant competitive edge and potential in the field of biotechnology R&D. Mr. Liu, Chairman of Yenchen Machinery, points out that the company has invested tens of millions of dollars in R&D in recent years to enhance its international competitiveness. Numerous new types of equipment have been successfully developed in cooperation with governments, universities, and Japanese partners. This includes multifunctional tablet inspection equipment, laser drilling equipment, single-pot vacuum microwave drying granulators, cloud pulverizers, composite fluid-bed pellet coating, and a new type of dry granulator and coating machine. These devices guarantee greatly enhanced high-precision processing. At the same time, the company set up a lab for tablets, pellets, and extractive condensation.

The main reason why Yenchen machinery is favored by large pharmaceutical companies lies in the fact that its quality rivals that of large German manufacturers at only half the price. High added value is the key to customer acclaim. Chairman Liu states that customized, flexible services represent another key element. For instance, Yenchen Machinery became the first company in Asia and the only manufacturer in Taiwan to acquire the ATEX explosion-proof certification to meet the demands of Middle Eastern and European clients in the field of large-scale coating machinery with replaceable pots. Explosion-proof certifications are a basic requirement in the EU and represent a future trend worldwide. This new certification puts the company in an excellent position to increase its overseas order volume and export ratio.

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by globalization trends. Pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan are therefore firmly committed to equipment upgrades and process improvements to ensure conformity to international laws and regulations and thereby enhance their quality standards. Automation equipment plays a paramount role in the transition of the pharmaceutical sector to Industry 4.0. In 2017, Yenchen Machinery joined hands with Siemens to develop pharmaceutical machinery solutions and jointly set a new benchmark in the field of pharmaceutical laws and regulations. Siemens provided comprehensive solutions to assist the local biopharmaceutical industry in the acceleration of R&D efforts. The goal is to ensure equal emphasis on public health and consumer demands and conformity to international laws and regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and PIC/S GMP Annex 11. Pharmaceutical manufacturers with intelligent machinery are more capable of flexible, autonomous management than traditional manufacturers. They also have a more accurate grasp of the quality of manufactured pharmaceuticals.

In line with constant upgrades of biopharmaceutical processes, Yenchen Machinery embraces the core values of R&D and innovation and is fully dedicated to the development of new products that satisfy industry process demands. The company harnesses the resources of government, industry, and academia and has earned the praise of government units, academic institutions, and international clients after many years of development and testing, contributing to raising the global reputation of Taiwanese manufacturing.

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