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Tien Kang Footwear Machinery Embraces Eco-Friendly Design and Automated Management


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Tien Kang, one of the largest manufacturers of footwear machinery in Taiwan, has 37 years’ experience in this industry. From its humble beginnings in a plant of only around 300 square meters with slightly over 10 employees, Tian Kang has evolved into a large company with a staff of over 120. The company owes its rise and success to its unique corporate culture which is characterized by three attributes and three key approaches: honest as a human, pragmatic as a worker, and sturdy as a machinery manufacturer; embrace boldness where change is possible, show tolerance where change is impossible, and rely on intelligence to determine which of these two approaches should be adopted. This corporate culture informs every aspect of Chairman Huang’s leadership style and his constant efforts to turn crisis into opportunity. It enabled the company to weather the storms of recession and economic crisis, which has turned into an often-told story in the industry. Chairman Huang points out that the footwear machinery industry will never die since people will always have a demand for shoes. Business operators will be able to keep up with the times and stave off demise in the face of the latest trends and fads if they are willing to constantly invest in R&D, inject new creativity into their products, and demonstrate the functionality and quality of their machinery. In addition, they must constantly monitor their own industry and make a deep commitment to developing both domestic and overseas markets. These factors have ensured the survival of the company for 37 years and have fueled its rise to one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

In response to the rising awareness of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, which have turned into universal values, Tien Kang has developed rubber injection molding machines with power-saving capabilities. A servo system, frequency conversion system, and adjustable pump have been installed to achieve maximum power savings of 20%-50%. These machines are in very high demand in countries with high electricity tariffs such as India and Brazil. Tien Kang has also developed a brand-new PU sole injection molding machine which features high-speed centrifugal technology and a unique design capable of ejecting scraps and automatic scraping of inside material, enabling the company to move beyond competition with rivals and achieve effective market segmentation. This machine type has the dual advantage of eco-friendliness and prevention of production line stoppage. In 2019, Tien Kang introduced the Fully Automatic Thermoplastic Footwear Injection Molding Machine featuring a fully automated system. This enables a single operator to control 12 workstations simultaneously. This model is also equipped with a complete servo system which generates energy savings of over 30% and allows effective control of manpower costs. It can be utilized for the production of various plastic shoe categories including sandals, air injection shoes, plastic pumps, and short rain boots.

Tien Kang has developed its own signature design style and creativity for its footwear machines, which has resulted in cooperation offers from same-industry businesses in Europe. In 1999, Tien Kang initiated a cooperative relationship with the Italian injection machine manufacturer WINTECH for the development and launch of its new-generation EVA injection molding machine. The innovative design immediately attracted the attention of users due to its capability to solve long-standing production issues, resulting in a wave of purchases of the company’s new-generation machine type. Through this cooperative partnership, the company set a shining example for same-industry alliances, motivating other Italian footwear equipment manufacturers to form alliances with Asian businesses in the same industry.

Chairman Huang states confidently that the global footwear machinery market is characterized by an annual business volume of at least 10 billion dollars coupled with a rosy long-term market outlook. As the company adds its new PU footwear machinery models to its existing product lineup of rubber, PVC, TPR, TR, TPU, and EVA footwear machinery, it increasingly resembles a universal expert capable of providing a large variety of highly sophisticated footwear machinery whenever necessary. Tien Kang is fully prepared to aggressively tap into potential footwear machinery markets which are characterized by consolidation trends amid increasing concentration of demand in the Asian hemisphere. The ultimate goal of the company is to ensure through constant efforts in the field of R&D and innovation and powerful marketing initiatives that clients all over the world associate Taiwan with high-end footwear machinery with Tien Kang as the prime choice.

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