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Everrising has Turned into an Expert Provider of Customized Intelligent Production Lines


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Everrising Marketing Corporation is a professional supplier of CNC machine tools and manufacturing equipment with 40 years’ experience. In line with the rising demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment, the Company provides its customers with integrated services for intelligent factories in cooperation with its subsidiaries Everrising Machinery & Automation Corporation and Everrising AIXMC Corporation. It strives to demonstrate its capabilities in the provision of end-to-end services in the field of intelligent manufacturing by relying on its all-round professional team with the ultimate goal of turning into an expert provider of comprehensive integration services. Everrising offers customized integrated planning for the entire intelligent plant based on an in-depth understanding of customer demands in the dimensions of products, processes, and systems to assist customers in the direct adoption of intelligent manufacturing with the goal of saving manpower resources and reducing time costs associated with trial and error.

Everrising Machinery & Automation Corporation specializes in the research, development, and conversion of machine tools, machinery, and equipment as well as automatic control systems. The goal is to tailor the design of hardware to relevant needs of the adoption process and thereby achieve optimized streamlined investments. Everrising AIXMC Corporation focuses on the installation and adoption of customized MES (manufacturing execution systems) in the context of additive manufacturing. The Company harnesses its professional expertise in the fields of intelligent manufacturing planning, intelligent management adoption, IoM (Internet of Machines) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) system installation, and organizational education and training for dedicated efforts in the integrated development of intelligent manufacturing hard- and software and the provision of assistance to customers in the establishment of intelligent factories.

Chairman Yan-Ming Chen, the second-generation successor of Everrising, points out that the Company embraces a philosophy of innovative thinking and creativity in the face of epochal transformations to pragmatically achieve smart factory goals hand-in-hand with its customers with a view to meeting individual demands. The transformation from traditional to intelligent manufacturing with the final goal of manufacturing excellence is a long and arduous journey. This process requires constant advances and enhancement of professional expertise and, even more importantly, passionate employees who are willing to share their expertise and collaborate with customers to realize win-win outcomes. In view of the diversification of company services, Everrising Marketing Corporation is firmly committed to integrating its service items and resources. Since 2010, the Company has made dedicated efforts to develop sound marketing channels and more efficient strategies and methods encompassing market surveys, product design and development, R&D of special-purpose equipment, manufacturing, marketing, and sale to gain a firm grasp of the market.

In line with the varied demands of different types of customers, the service offerings of the Company range from single intelligent machines to planning and implementation of intelligent production lines and training programs associated with organization transformation and reform. The Company is capable of providing fully customized services in these areas which can be implemented in stages in accordance with actual needs. Planning and execution are carried out for production lines with integrated virtual and physical elements in the 6 dimensions of humans, machinery, materials, laws, environment, and information security. The Company strives to assist customers in the conversion and automated design of production line equipment and adoption of factory management systems to maximize their competitiveness.

Everrising espouses the core objective of “Pursuit of Excellence and Improvement of Human Lives.” Chairman Chen cites the following example: In 2016, Everrising developed CNC engraving and milling machines for customized forged and cast high-speed aluminum wheels especially for the wheel manufacturing industry to increase wheel strength, enhance technical performance, and make forged aluminum wheels more affordable for consumers. The Company also strove to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction to make a contribution to the protection of our global environment through increased fuel efficiency as a result of chassis lightening. The ultimate goal is to maximize the benefits for customers and consumers, strengthen the company’s competitive edge, and fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises toward the public. This win-win-win scenario represents the sustainable development strategy of the Company. Chairman Chen states wholeheartedly that Everrising will continue to forge ahead based on the core value of a close partnership with customers in the joint pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

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