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Fu-Tai Engineering -A Top Provider of All-Round Engineering Consultancy Services


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Since its inception, Fu-Tai Engineering has espoused the goal of providing complete solutions in the field of integrated engineering and professional technologies. In addition to a long-term commitment to the provision of technical expertise, the Company is also firmly determined to constantly enhance its engineering technology capabilities and accumulate practical experiences. It places equal emphasis on the economy, safety, and efficiency associated with engineering design quality. The Company’s extensive service range includes planning and research, cost estimates, engineering design, engineering procurement, construction and installation, trial runs, construction management, and EPC turnkey projects. Serviced industries encompass oil refinery, petrochemistry, steel, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, optoelectronics, semiconductors, power generation, automobiles, and environmental protection.

Chairman Lin points out that Fu-Tai is an all-round engineering consultancy firm which aims to provide comprehensive, diversified, and integrated engineering design and construction services. The Company currently employs hundreds of engineers spanning various professional fields and dozens of highly qualified technicians who have passed national examinations. This includes architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, soil and water conservation specialists, and air conditioning technicians. In addition, the Company hires PMP certified project managers to improve design quality and work efficiency. Advanced engineering design software tools have been adopted to facilitate the solution of problems encountered in the design process. Fu-Tai embraces a philosophy of Quality, Innovation, Excellence, and Social Responsibility in its pursuit of the core values of Quality First, Customer Priority, and Sustainable Operations.

Chairman Lin also states that Fu-Tai Engineering takes pride in its ability to provide top quality services regardless of project scope, industry type, or nature of the engineering work. The Company offers ideal solutions for proprietors spanning various fields from traditional to hi-tech industries, daily commodities to infrastructure, and resource conservation to seawater desalination by integrating domestic and international technologies and resources. The ability to provide solutions for customers in immediate response to industry trend changes is an exclusive and precious business asset and key strategy that ensures the survival of the enterprise. In addition to the active development of turnkey services, Fu-Tai is also firmly committed to the expansion of overseas services. Relevant projects include contractor services for a pipeline installation project in an oil refinery plant in Balikpapan, Indonesia, a stainless steel wire plant of Tycoons Group Enterprise in Thailand, a stainless steel plant of Sinar Mas Group in Indonesia, a GMP pharmaceutical plant of the German company Boehringer Ingelheim in Shanghai, China, an epoxy resin plant of Guangzhou Hongchang, and public facilities of a PTA plant of Xianglu Petrochemical Enterprise in Xiamen. These successful projects have earned the praise of our customers and have laid a solid foundation for the Company’s overseas operations.

In addition to the provision of engineering design services for various industries, the Company also offers professional consultation services for BOT and BOO projects organized by government departments including advance planning and research, feasibility analysis, preparation of tender documentation, and assistance in tender procedures, bid review and contract negotiations. Successful projects include the recycling and refinement of waste silver catalysts, construction (BOT) of a military aircraft exhibition hall, the Vanilla and Herbal Medicine Biotechnology Park in Chiayi, the Innovation Incubation Center in the Agricultural Biotechnology Park, the Ecology Education Center in Sanmin Township, Tainan Stadium, and the Taitung sewerage system. These projects span various professional and highly specialized fields, demonstrating our ability to provide a wide range of engineering services.

Due to the fact that not all proprietors have a firm grasp of the cross-industry professional technologies involved in large-scale engineering projects, they have to commission professional engineering consultancy firms to provide assistance in project management and control in order to gain a clear grasp of project costs, quality, and timeliness. Chairman Lin declares confidently that Fu-Tai Engineering is an expert in this field with over 1,700 successfully executed projects and therefore represents an ideal choice for domestic and overseas proprietors.

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