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Chanmag Realizes Baking Empire Dreams


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Chanmag Bakery Machine is firmly committed to the development of innovative bakery machines, and turned into an industry leader by developing the first steel spiral dough mixer in Taiwan. Chanmag specializes in the manufacture of baking machines including mixers, dough dividers & rounders, proofers, baking ovens, greasers, and toast slicer packing. The Company is capable of providing end-to-end services for customers through the design of complete production lines. It has passed the SGS, CE, and ISO 9001 certifications and its products are ideally suited for factories with large output volumes or central kitchens of bakery chains. Breakfast stores in Taiwan have an average daily demand of 500,000 toast loaves, 70% of which are manufactured with Chanmag production line equipment.

There is a trend of increasing diversity in bakery products to satisfy the varied demands of consumers. The baking industry has therefore seen rapid development and constant advances in quantity, quality, manufacturing techniques and technologies coupled with expanding market size all over the world. In 2018, the global market volume for bakery products reached US$ 203.8 billion. The compound annual growth rate between 2019 and 2025 is estimated at 3.2%. Despite the fact that the history of the Asian baking industry is short when compared to western nations, Asian consumers have gained an increasing understanding of bakery products in recent years. Constant innovations and improvements in technology and process flows have led to a greater diversification of bakery products and flavors with wider acceptance. In Taiwan, the bakery product market reached a volume of US$ 2 billion in 2019.

Chanmag maintains a firm grasp of these trends in its dedicated efforts in the development of new baking techniques through a synthesis of hardware equipment and software technologies. The company has successfully exported its MIT (made in Taiwan) baking technologies to other countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, and assisted numerous customers in the establishment of bakery stores and the installation of central kitchens. The Company’s dealers spread over five continents and its products are acclaimed by customers all over the world. Due to the dedication and commitment of President Sheng-De Luo and his management team, the Company has successfully realized its corporate vision of “Deep Roots in Taiwan with a Global Outlook.” President Luo points out that it is not always easy to help customers realize their dream of starting their own bakery. When customers state their intention in starting their own business, Chanmag determines a feasible direction based on a clear understanding of local markets before developing exclusive startup plans and overall designs in accordance with the nature and needs of customers. This process encompasses the store business plan and the enhancement of baking techniques through baking counseling, instructions on baking techniques of bread, cakes, and pastry, formulation of baking solutions, the sharing of success stories, and the provision of baking equipment. Chanmag strives to assist its customers in the integrated planning of their stores by fulfilling the role of a professional baking consultant.

President Luo states with pride that Chanmag was honored with a D&B Top-1000 Elite SME MVP Award in 2019, which has drawn wide attention in the industry. In 2019, Chanmag launched a digital transformation of a series of products. Digital technologies are utilized to drive product innovation and optimize corporate business management abilities to enhance core values. The recently launched Twin Twist Mixer represents a greatly improved design compared to traditional recording methods. This design allows users to record mixer settings data in the module and use the built-in functions to modify or alter customized designs via computers. Numerous devices can be monitored and controlled simultaneously via host computers with further extensions such as network linkage or mobile devices. Generated data may be retrieved, collected, and archived as a reference for future mass production. Customized services that conform to global voltage, safety regulations and food safety standards are provided to satisfy customer needs.

In addition, Chanmag continues to inject capital into the construction of factory buildings in the Dapumei Precision Machinery Park in Chiayi. The new plant features a Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall, a Product Demo Center, a Baking Lab Classroom, and a R&D Center. It was designed based on green building principles coupled with energy conservation and environmental protection concepts. Solar power systems have been installed on the roofs, a large-scale rainwater recycling system has been set up inside the plant, and planted green areas have been expanded. Chanmag expects the production capacity of the new plant to add growth momentum to the company operations with a simultaneous emphasis on industry development and environmental protection. President Luo points out that the Company will continue to intensify interactions with its customers through exchanges in the field of baking technologies. The brand will be marketed all over the globe through a transition from the unidirectional sale of bakery machines to the deployment of interactive and integrated bakery consulting service chains. The main prerequisite for entrepreneurship in the baking industry is a timely grasp of the current state of the industry and future development trends. Foresight and vision are a basic requirement to gain a foothold in contemporary society.

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