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Shihlin Electric – the All-round Integrated Electrical Services Titan


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Through all the economic ups and downs in half a century, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp has always been able to convert “crises” into “opportunities”. New branches grow continuously out of the weathered trunk, testifying the resilient vitality of Taiwan’s traditional industry. Shihlin Electric has over 60 years of production and manufacturing experience. As a leading electric service provider in Taiwan, the company has been devoted to the consistent enhancement of product and service quality. It also offers a full range of product lines, which are widely used in various industries including steel, metallurgy, chemical, power supply, electronics, construction, public works, auto parts, home appliances, etc. From power system planning, full-set equipment, low-voltage electronics to industrial control products, Shihlin Electric offers TOTAL SOLUTIONS to satisfy customers’ needs for products and services.

To enhance global development and product competitiveness for satisfying customer needs, Shihlin Electric’s Chairman Emmet Hsu said the company replied on division and integration of labor of the R&D talents, and set up strategic alliance with partners such as large Japanese makers like Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsuba, Diamond Electric, Panasonic Industrial Devices Sunx, Omron, etc. By making use of the network technology, offices at various locations and staff members may enjoy seamless connection with the help of the CRM and ERP systems to keep track of customer needs and to report problems, as well as to grasp business opportunities more precisely. Of course, arrangements are also made to fulfill the immediate service needs of overseas customers. The company currently has a far-reaching overseas service network, covering Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, North America, Australia, East Africa, South Africa, and South Asia. The full range of product lines ensure that the company can provide customers with one-stop service.

Regarding Shihlin Electric’s core competitiveness now, Chairman Hsu mentioned three strengths of the company, including the electrical system integration capability, autonomous R&D for energy conservation and green energy technologies, and core manufacturing capability for smart production. As of the autonomous R&D for energy conservation and green energy technologies, Shihlin Electric masters the technology for auto parts such as controller and motor, which are applicable to the electric vehicle market. Furthermore, green energy-related products, such as wind power plant, solar power plant, and power distribution equipment, require a high technology threshold, and Shihlin Electric thus has an edge in developing overseas markets in the future. Recently, as the offshore wind turbine maker MHI Vestas signed a conditional procurement contract with Mitsubishi Electric in 2019, it entrusted Shihlin Electric with the assembly and testing of 100 HT switch boards for wind turbines. Through this cooperation, Shihlin Electric will be able to further elevate its technology level.

Looking forward to the company’s growth potential in the future, Chairman Hsu mentioned heavy motorcycle, electric vehicle, power monitoring and diagnosis system, turnkey project, low-voltage switch, and automation industrial equipment as examples of Shihlin Electric’s focuses of developing product applications. Among these, turnkey project also includes track construction and major power construction. For the market of automation products, Shihlin Electric has always spared no effort in green manufacturing and R&D to protect the earth’s environment. In the future, the company will continue its dedication to the energy conservation and carbon reduction policy on a global scale, leading the multiple developments of green industry, energy conservation industry, solar power industry, and LED industry. The ability to successfully apply automation products to the above industries means the chance of getting preemptive business opportunities and a leading role.

Shihlin Electric not only works hard for its vigorous growth, but also places great emphasis on social welfare according to Chairman Hsu. The company encourages staff to engage ardently in charitable activities. In places where a helping hand is needed, for example, the South Asian Tsunami in 2005, August 8th Flood in 2009 and the post-disaster rehabilitation, the 921 Earthquake, Typhoon Nari to the 311 Earthquake in Japan, the footprints of Shihlin Electric are seen. The most beautiful scene in Taiwan is “the people”; this is also the best description for Shihlin Electric. While making profits, Shihlin Electric also keeps paying back to society to nurture and strengthen the seed of love.

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