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Ming Wei Aspires to Be Expert Corrugated Cardboard Equipment Problem Solver through International Strategic Alliance


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Paper may be one of the most familiar materials in our daily life other than textiles. Since paper fulfills some of the circular economic appeals such as being environmentally friendly, highly formable, and easy to apply, it has become the most widely used packaging material and its popularity in the packaging field is unparalleled. With the packaged contents being marketed globally, the paper package makes the first impression when consumers come across a product. Paper is indispensable throughout the whole circulation process of all products, ranging from industrial transportation, logistic needs to the containment and beautification of products, and even the dissemination of product information; enhancement of the product with the package is required everywhere. Notwithstanding the global economic fluctuation in recent years, commercial activities are still flourishing, and Taiwan’s paper cartons and color boxes show fairly good sales, with products becoming more and more sophisticated and quality receiving international recognition.

As an expert of corrugated cardboard making equipment in Taiwan, MAX Group has more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing corrugated cardboard packaging machinery. It possesses professional knowledge and outstanding technology. Main products include corrugated cardboard making machine, carton box processing and forming machine, paper mill facilities, and paper processing equipment. Mr. Liu Ming-Chung, Chairman of Ming Wei, mentioned that in face of the management reform in the 21st century, business philosophy would shift from a focus on “market share” to the emphasis on “creating a share in the future opportunities”, and the concept of business competition would transform from the “zero-sum competition” in the past to the “collaborative competition” through strategic alliances among enterprises. Thus, Ming Wei relies heavily on international collaboration to respond to the rapidly changing market. Chairman Liu has decided to base his production and corporate headquarters in Taiwan, and thus has pooled together elite enterprises globally that specialize in corrugated paper machinery to form a multinational strategic alliance and provides clients in the corrugated paper industry around the world with the total service from investment management assessment and analysis to facility management consultation. This alliance links up all experts in the supply chain, including the key parts system, cardboard production system, carton production system, peripheral conveyance system, marketing and services, etc. Members in the alliance scatter around the world, realizing the corporate tenet of “global marketing, efficient production, and localized service".

E-commerce has exerted great influence on the change of packaging material supply industry in recent years. No matter for business-to-business ordering and procurement or business-to-consumer product supply, the rise of e-commerce has changed the packaging material industry and consumer goods industry, and the structure of material suppliers’ and distributors’ value activities, creating a totally renewed supply chain, and hence resulted in the need for innovation and reform of the packaging material industry. In view of these changes in the market condition, Chairman Liu said that Ming Wei has taken the lead and prepared itself well for the new challenge ahead. With the establishment of the professional alliance, Ming Wei has become an expert problem solver, working to maximize efficiency of the production workflow from the cardboard production line to carton printing and forming equipment plus the associated processing equipment, coupled with the electrical and mechanical integrated control system, computerized production management system and conveyance roller equipment. Ming Wei is capable of providing comprehensive design plans for customers at any time, which may not only tackle sales, installation, and after-sale services, but also accommodate different order requirements with its design. That is, it presents the perfect example of a comprehensive system.

MAX Group has hired a number of seasoned Japanese consultants to refine the production quality, aiming to work out an overall solution for the bottlenecks currently encountered by the corrugated paper production line facilities in the market and minimizing the factors of instability (order, paper quality, pulp, steam, manual work, temperature, humidity…). Manual judgment is replaced by automatic control to keep the whole production line in the most suitable high speed of production, thereby boosting high-efficiency production and enhancing the quality of products and deliveries. This approach has also injected creativity into the corrugated paper industry, echoing Chairman Liu’s “insistence on a small but nice, small but strong corporate culture, aiming not at maximization but at doing things well with diligence.”

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