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[IDAH CO., LTD.] Gentle drying and cooling solution for bakery grist (bakery meal)


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Market Region:Europe

Solution Topic:
Drying and cooling of bakery grist at its finest with carousel dryer-cooler.

Client Requirement
Customer is looking to drying bakery grist (bakery meal), a pre-processed dough-like-mass consist of coarsely ground cereals. The material is pasty and quite sticky. Moisture about 35% and need to be free-flowing during packaging.

Problem Solving or Solution Delivery(Problem Fix)
TK300.3.2 Carousel Dryer-cooler: Gentle drying and cooling solution for bakery grist (bakery meal)
1. Drying and cooling of bulk material is tricky and interesting process, because of the volume and number of material is larger. It is important to understand the nature of the material to be dried. Some material may require gentle mechanical and thermal handling in order to have an optimal drying and cooling process.

2. The material is bakery grist (bakery meal), a pre-processed dough like mass consist of coarsely ground cereals, intended for baking whole-meal bread. When entering the dryer, the product is pasty and quite sticky. However, it needs to be free-flowing after drying /cooling for easy packaging. So, a constant movement and mixing action is needed during drying process. On the top drying deck, the product stuck together and somewhat turns into a big lump with around 3 meters diameter. This problem is solved when we equipped a device to loosen up the product on the top layer of the carousel dryer.

3. A prolong heat exposure on crop products may induce physicochemical changes in the grain, so it is often required to directly cool the material right after drying. This requirement can easily be fulfilled by using the combination of carousel dryer and cooler.

In the carousel dryer-cooler, product will rotate on multiple decks in a fixed airflow, resulting in uniform drying and easy moisture control.

The are some problems to point out when planning the problem solving:
1. Initial moisture of the material in the inlet is around 35% and it needs to reach 10% by the end of the process, so a dryer is definitely needed to lower the moisture of the bakery grist (bakery meal).

2. The nature of the dough-like-material is pasty and sticky, it will give high restriction of the drying air, a special mechanical device is installed to loosen the lump, added with tilting tray in every deck, help to mix the material and exposing material to drying air, thus, having an effective heat transfer.

3. A prolong exposure to heat may lead to physicochemical change on the bakery grist, especially browning reaction. A direct cooling right after drying is done by using the carousel dryer-cooler, lowering the temperature rapidly.

Solving Machines
Carousel dryer-cooler TK300.3.2

The carousel dryer-cooler has some advantage:
1. A rotary air valve in the inlet will help to lock the drying air from going out through the inlet and at the same time continuously feeding the material into the dryer

2. A special mechanical device is installed to break down the dough-like material, loosen the material and lowering the drying air restriction for effective heat transfer. The problem that we have just describe with sticky product are likely to be very difficult or even impossible to solve in box type dryer/cooler, as the product may form a piling up layer up to one meter, which is hard to be loosened. In addition, the pressure of the material own weight will likely increase the sticking effect considerably.

3. The carousel dryer-cooler consist of multiple decks with tilting tray in every deck to discharge the material to the lower deck. The discharge action help to mix the material and exposing material to drying and cooling air, thus, having an effective heat transfer.

4. In the carousel dryer-cooler, material will rotate on multiple decks in a fixed airflow, so material will experience uniform drying and cooling process. This will ensure uniform treatment and easy moisture control.

5. The carousel drying and cooling air passes the incoming product in this multiple layer dryer in a counter-flow direction to achieve maximum heat transfer, resulting in a low exhaust air temperature.

6. The carousel dryer-cooler shorten the heat exposure of the material. Some material (such as crops) is prone to physicochemical changes, so direct cooling after drying is very beneficial to lessen these heat-generated physicochemical changes.

7. Directing the cooler exhaust air through the dryer section offers the simplest conceivable way of utilizing the cooler waste heat without any additional equipment.

The Carousel dryer-cooler TK300.3.2 is able to dry about 4.5 t/h bakery grist (bakery meal) at about 50°C temperature, lowering the moisture from 35% during inlet down to 10% at the outlet.
During drying and cooling process, the dough-like material entering the machine is transformed to granule material through mechanical processing inside the TK300.3.2

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