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[Daudin Co., LTD.] Internet of Machines – Production Visualization

City:New Taipei City
Market Region: Asia

Solution Topic:
 Machine Data Collection
 Internet of Machines
 Production Visualization
 Smart Manufacturing

Client Requirement
The real-time data of machine utilization rate, production quantity/ schedule/ data, and raw material usage are not immediately accessible.

Problem Solving or Solution Delivery(Problem Fix)
Project Title : Internet of Machines – Production Visualization

Solution Project Description :
Daudin iO-GRID Series and Digital Factory System can achieves production visualization for customers.
 First Stage :
Without changing the control system, collects critical machine information such as machine capacity and machine status, including production, mold repair, abnormality, and completion. Then provides a Kanban system that can be monitored remotely through a computer or mobile device.

 Second Stage :
Incorporates work order, raw material information, and personnel report information into the system.

Main Process :
1. Interview : Discuss the existing difficulties encountered by the customers and the goals they want to achieve
2. On-site Survey : Understand the production process, machine status, and factory environment
3. Proposal : Propose a solution report, explaining the system architecture, functions, and cost estimates.
4. Hardware Preparation, System Development
5. System and Hardware Installation : On-site installation and system testing
6. Closing

Solving Machines
Part Number : iO-GRID M Series
Digital Input Module (GFDI-RM01N) and Counter Module (GFDI-RM02N) are receiver modules to collect sensor signals.
Gateway Module (GFGW-RM01N) and Master Module (GFMS-RM01N) are communication modules for data transmission.
Edge Computing Device (GFPC-0303) collects the data from each station, and after preliminary data analysis, the data will be uploaded to the data server.

Part Number : Digital Factory System
iO-GRID data collection provides the basis for various real-time production data (capacity, utilization rate, work order progress), historical data, and report export functions.

 Management can instantly monitor the production and machine status in the office
 Reduce the cost of raw material failure
 Increase production scheduling efficiency
 Reduce the risk of manual data entry errors

For further information, please contact ~Daudin Co., LTD.~

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