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[CHANMAG BAKERY MACHINE CO. LTD] Turnkey Bread Production Line

Country: Singapore
Market Region: Asia
Business Type: Toast Bread Producer / Wholesaler

Solution Topic:
1. The automatic bread production line with the effective control to upgrade the bread quality, increase the productivity and save expenses.
2. Standardized system creates the accurate, high quality and exquisite bread with less manpower.

Client Requirement
Customer would like to upgrade their bread quality and then increase local market’s share. Second stage is to increase the productivity.

Problem Solving or Solution Delivery(Problem Fix)
Topic: Turnkey Bread Production Line
(A). The space of customer’s operation site is narrow and they want to set their production area at second floor. After checking the available loading capacity of building, design a simple lifting to deliver the raw ingredients to upstairs.

(B). Design as customer-sized project to enhance the machine’s’ production capacity under the limitations of space and manpower.

(C). Do some adjustments of production process, appropriate site movements, and corporate with bakery consultants to raise the bread quality as well as R.O.I.

(A). To have the clear and detailed data of customer’s requirement and target.

(B). Do site movement planning.

(C). Recommend the necessary baking machinery, equipment and accessories according to the customer’s demands.

(D). Design and draw the site’s layout of turnkey bread production line for the final confirmation with this customer.

(E). Manufacture, install and commissioning the whole plant bread production line to achieve the customer’s goal.

Solving Machines
Turnkey Bread Production Line
(A). Spiral Mixer with Removable bowl ensures to knead at short mixing time for making hygienic and finest quality dough, less energy, easy working and cleaning, suitable for continuously mass production.

(B). Lifter is to deliver the mixed dough directly into the volumetric dough divider’s funnel. Save manpower and reduce the risk of contamination.

(C). Volumetric Divider ensures to divide the accurate dough pieces when mass production. Not only less manpower but also increase work efficiency.

(D). Rounder machine is connected with volumetric divider to ensure each dough piece at high quality. It’s connected with next related machinery as a mass production line.

(E). Intermediate Proofer machine provides a space with constant temperature, humidity and standard time that keeps the yeast in dough well in the dough fermentation. Hygiene, reduces the impact of external environment on each dough piece.

(F). Dough Moulder machine is for shaping and gas-eliminating moulding motion.

(G). Steam Generator for Final proofing is ideal operated for the room of fermentation to meet the bread demands for constant temperature and humidity on the process of final fermentation to let the bread surface is with good looking.

(H). Rotary Rack Oven is for baking the mass bread production. It’s hot air circulation to bake the bread evenly and timers function is for setting baking time.

(I). Automatic Bread Slicer is ideal for final processing of slicing.

CHANMAG bread production line is with respective planning and designing to meet this customer’s demands. Since hand-made business mode upgrade to automatic bread production line; increase 50% more of productivity; top three ranking in the local toast wholesalers.

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