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[Freser HoReCa International Corp.] Food and beverage dispensers equipment

Market Region: Eastern Asia
Business Type: Food and beverage dispensers equipment

Solution Topic:
1.The ideal procedure for brewing tea in your tea shop.
The commercial tea brewer is a completely tailor-made product for chain tea shops. The design elements include the optimal quality of tea, automatic standardized tea brewing cycles, precisely water temperature control and the deduction of total preparation time.
2.Save human resources and set up SOP for making bubble tea.
(1)Easy for Cleaning and maintenance.
(2)Microcomputer program can be reset for different tea categories.
3.Applied for storefront space. Small machine size, light weight, and low-cost investment.

Client Requirement:
Customer would like to upgrade their tea quality and then increase
local market’s share. Second stage is to increase the efficiency of making tea and save as much time as possible. Third stage is to standardize the SOP and avoid any mistakes from employee.

Problem Solving or Solution Delivery(Problem Fix):How to save your time and make brewing tea easier.
(A). A system that can automatically brew tea. It provides standardized set of procedures for making tea, to help reduce labor costs.
(B). The outward design of the Tea Brewer is integrated with the RS485 communication interface and simple to use touch panel.
With just only one touch to make tea professionally.
(C). It can be pre-programmed with up to 10 different tea categories. In addition, no filter paper is required with this system. It takes just 10 -15 minutes to brew fresh 5 liters of tea concentrate which can be used as the tea base for making various tea products for sale.
(D). With the SD card design, it offers an easy form of management for chain operators to upload/download pre-programmed tea brewing parameters.
(E). Along with the patented sprinkle nozzle which allows the tea leaf to thoroughly brewed and release the best tea aroma.
(F). The eco-friendly design of the Power Saving and Sleep Mode, reduces power consumption during periods of non-sales and non-peak periods.
Problem solving:How to give you precise volume of syrup volume every time.
Description:Microcomputer program can be reset for different flowing. In addition, this machine is suit for fill all kinds of liquid sugar, sauce (no solid), yogurt, or cream.
Problem solving: Quickly cup packaging operation. No spoils, No dripping. Maintain the freshness of your product.
Description:Advanced microcomputer-controlled system. Capable of sealing all kinds of material: PP, PE, Paper, and etc.
Problem solving: Tapioca induction cooker allows high power and very rapid increases in temperature to be achieved, and changes in heat settings are instantaneous.
Description:Induction cooking has good electrical coupling between the pan and the coil and is thus quite efficient, which means it puts out less waste heat and it can be quickly turned on and off. Induction has safety advantages compared to gas stoves and outputs no air pollution into the kitchen. Cooktops are also usually easy to clean, because the cooktop itself has a smooth surface and does not get very hot.

(A). According to original tea leaves that you used, set up the perfect parameters for each brewing cycle. These statistics include water temperature, water volume and brewing cycles.
(B). Put tea leaves into the brewing room, and select the tea category that you want.
(C). Precise tea brewing technology can make each barrel of tea consistent in fragrance, color and brewing quality.
(D). After the whole brewing cycle is finished, the concentrate tea will be poured into the insulation barrel automatically.
(E). After the temperature of concentrate tea reaches to about 86 degrees Celsius for green tea or 92 degrees Celsius for black tea, it means that the concentrate tea is almost done.
(F). Next step is to cook real pearls. Add water into the stainless pot. Then, select cook model and start the machine. While the water is boiled, put the pearls into the boiling water and stir gently a few times to loosen the pearls. Close the Lid. A few seconds later, the cook pearls lamp will light on that indicates it starts cooking process, the remaining time till completion is displayed. When the pearls cooking is finished, the beep sounds. Open the Outer Lid carefully. Stir the pearls gently. Rinse the pearls with cold water and add sugar syrup.
(A). Final step is mix concentrate tea, syrup, tapioca balls and ice. Add about 200~300 grants ice cube into the cup. And then use the syrup machine to give precise syrup volume. Add tapioca balls, syrup and pour concentrate tea into the cup. Shake all of them, and seal the cup by sealing machine. The bubble tea is ready for sale.

Solving Machines:;
Model:TB-35T Commercial Tea Brewer
1. Attractive modern outlook to fit in bar counter of any decoration.
2. Large LCD display and intuition touch buttons for easy operation.
3. One Touch operation to get consistent tea drinks and time saving.
4. 10 programs of menu setting to satisfy demand of product variety.
5. Individual temperature control system for each tea product menu.
6. Specific buttons for speed cleaning, daily cleaning and fast cooling.
7. SD memory card applied for SOP programs download and upload.
8. International safety certificates acquired: CE, CUL and EPH.

Model : ET-9EN Syrup filling machine
1. User - Friendly operational interface, controlled by microcomputer.
2. Speed and capacity adjustable for quantitative filling.
3. Easy for cleaning and maintenance.
4. Microcomputer program can be reset for different flowing.

Model : ET-899 Cup sealing machine
1. Quickly cup packaging operation.
2. Capable of Sealing all Material: PP, PE, Paper....
3. No spoils, No dripping. Maintain the freshness of your product.
4. Upgrade your product's image with colorful, a-pealing logo.
5. Microcomputer controlled system with mechanical interface.
6. Special design of Front Safety Guard for emergency.
7. Auto cup-jack in any different depth.
8. Both Blank and Printed film can be used.

Mdoel: MS2303A Tapioca induction cooker
1.Energy saving and environmental protection: save fuel costs, do not burn air, and reduce the production of oil fume, tar and harmful gases;
2.Time saving: by using induction cooker, it can save one-third of time.
3.Thermal efficiency: directly penetrates the entire bottom of the pot without spreading around;
4.No fire cooking: greatly reduce the risk of burns and fire.

Since traditional hand-made business mode upgrade to automatic tea brewing mode; increase 50% more of productivity; save education cost; prevent 80% mistakes which are made from employees; tea consistent in fragrance, color and brewing quality.

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