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[ Footwear Manufacturing]

DING-SHEN Mechanical Co.

DING-SHEN Mechanical Co., has dedicated itself to the company's principle “INNOVATIVE, PLANNING, and SERVICE ". In addition to continuous pursue technological breakthrough. DING-SHEN, based on its extensive experience, offers whole plant planning, equipment supply and the customers' requirements for high efficiency, high production, and superior quality.

In order to faster and more efficient services to China shoes industries, DING-SHEN set up a factory- DING SHEN Machinery Co., Ltd. in Dongguan in 1993. Thus enable us to offer convenient technology support for Asian shoes industries. Send technician undergo training to Company, ANZANI of Italy, sign the technological cooperative agreement with this company formally in August of the same year, succeed in putting out the Turbo Line series products; Also Promote ISO-9001 international quality system in china, 2000, Obtaining Tuvcert ISO9001 authentication, 2001.
New operating building located in Shengang (take up an area of 6000 sq.m.), Taichung Country of Taiwan, 2003. Setting up " Mao-Shen Mechanical Factory" (25000 sq.m.) in the Xiang Xi Administration Area, Liao Bu Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, china, 2004. In 2006 in South Vietnam and North Vietnam set up service offices to achieve the fastest service. We cooperate with Indonesia agents in 2010. 2011 in Burma and Cambodia set up offices for the footwear industry to provide the perfect technical support in Southeast Asia.

Ding Shen Machinery for its excellent quality and performance, widely appreciated by the shoe industry at home and abroad and affirmed. In addition to lying a high degree of honor, but also with regard to the technical capacity of DINGSHEN highly appraised. However, we did not dare to be complacent. We will uphold the company's tradition, the pursuit of technological innovation, to provide better technical services. And work hard for the shoe industry to meet the challenges of the future.

The face of the arrival of the new wave of industry 4.0, Ding Shen will be "machine automation, intelligent control, intelligent operation" as the goal, change the traditional thinking of the traditional shoe factory, Innovation more in line with the wisdom of the machinery industry and machinery industry upgrading.

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