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[ Electrodeless Lamps]


YCC TEK Taiwan Ltd. Inc. is situated in the premises of the world science and technology center – Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park. We are an industrial leader of research and development of Taiwan's advanced environmental protection and energy saving lighting products – the high-end electrodeless lamp system.

Insisting of the belief of helping customers save money, energy, and promote environmental protection to cherish the earth and the nature, the company has gathered distinguished industrial professionals and talents to build up an elite research and development team, using world-class professional optical technology coupled with state-of-the-art lamp lighting technology, top-quality of bulb making craftsmanship, and patented cooling technology as well as internationally recognized environmental protection nano-class material (ROHS) to develop the long-life eco-friendly bulbs proprietarily for our high-end electrodeless lamp YCCTEK EFL (inductive fluorescent lamp (bulb type) with built-in magnetic field). It emits light like natural sun light, with a more comfortable and realistic touch, conforming to the international standards of high color rendering, low glare, and low UV, and protects your eyes with a comfortable and non-fatigue high-quality visual experience.

YCC TEK also uses Taiwan’s advanced IC chips and innovative electronic technology to self-develop and produce the high power factor (up to 0.999), high energy efficient electronic ballast (for product details, see articles on this site) dedicated for the YCCTEK EFL high-end electrodeless lamps. It not only conforms to existing domestic and international safety standards – free of electromagnetic interference (EMI), but also offers a safer and more reliable long service life, and consumes less energy than the average energy-efficient lighting system. Furthermore, its highly stable output makes the emitted light far more natural, rendering top-quality flicker-free light, so that people can enjoy a comfortable and healthy lighting environment, safe and energy saving.

Solution / Service
-Light Source
-Solar Energy Generation & Wind Energy Generation
Dozens of domestic and foreign patented technology certificates, trademark certificates, certificates of the registration of product certification, test reports, lead-free non-toxic ROHS certification, product invention gold medal certificates, and ISO9000, ISO14000 certification, for a top quality assurance.

International certification, test reports, ISO, ROHS certification, and gold medals for inventions
Product qualification reports issued by the Taiwan Electric Research and Testing Center, ISO certification for factories, gold medals for inventions, EU CE certification of SGS, ROHS non-toxic certification,CB certification of CQC,PSE certification of TUV, qualification test reports, high and low-temperature environmental testing, ITRI radiator test, and so on, assuring top quality and safety.

Iconic Customers
In addition to supplying the domestic market, we also export to theEuropeanUnion, the United States, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Brazil,Mexico,India,Russia, South Africa, the Middle East, Mainland China, etc. The demand is very strong for us to catch up with.(The international big clients include Coca-Cola,Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sumitomo, Mercedes-Benz, etc., and thedomestic big clients include Formosa Plastics,Taiwan Cement, Formosa Chemical and Fiber, Taipower, Taiwan Shipbuilding, Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, Victor Taichung, Taiwan Glass, Yulon Motors, Hotai Motors, China Motor, Speed Tech, Mabuchi Taiwan, Homer Color Printing, the Far East, Shihlin Electric, Tongtai Group, AWEA, Yuen Foong Yu, Fortune Electric, Lee
Chang YungChemical, Eternal Chemical, Evergreen, Tang Eng Iron Works, Yieh United Steel, China Man-Made Fiber, AIDC, and so on; in addition to small and medium-sized enterprises, defense agencies,government agencies, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, colleges,middle and elementary schools,all kinds ofstations, stores, and so on.)