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[ Metal Detection Technology]

COMPUNIC Electronics Co., Ltd.

COMPUNIC Electronic Industries Company, founded in 1983, is a professional manufacturer of sensors and detectors.We have been researched and developed the metal detection technology for decade years, especially for food processing industry. Therefore, the ""Product Effect" when detecting has been reduced to the lowest already. Also you do NOT have to pre-store your setting in advance for your every sort of foods-to-be-tested. It is absolutely easy for operation.

In the past ten years, its products has sold well in the world and widely used in different industries like textile, foodstuff packaging and shoes industry. Take INS series as an example, over 6000 sets have been equipped on the production line to detect and get rid of the harmful metal impurity in the products in the past 15 years. We base our operation strategy on the concept of sustained development. We are sincere in establishing relationship with the dealers and agents worldwide. Our efforts are rewarded a lot, for our products have gained a lion share in the world market in Asia, America, mid-east and part of Europe.

We never stop innovation in technology, from innovation on platform-style inspecting machine to conveying-belt inspection series and metal detecting devices. We aim to better sensitivity products and operator-friendly convenience. We can tell from the customer's continuous purchase orders that our customers are growing up along with us; On the other hand, this is a great encouragement for us. It shows that our products are well received because of its good quality and effective functions. We owe our success to our professional contingent of R&D engineers. While other producers are fascinated at designing the panel with additional functions like pre-setting operations, COMPUNIC is down-to-earth to the fundamental function of metal detectors----- it is mainly used to detect the metal impurity in the products, especially foodstuff products. It should be simple and always effective. Some so-called intelligent detecting device could not operate well until some rigid programs and the code number of the products are put into it. If the product is changed, new programs and code numbers should be input again. How many kinds of products does a factory have? A really intelligent metal detector should be fully automatic in all aspects. COMPUNIC's metal detector is operator-friendly. Turn it on, and it will do the rest. It is effective fundamentally in detecting metal pieces.

We offer reasonable and competitive prices because of our mass production. In our sales network, the points of sales is also the point of assembly, which can greatly reduce the production cost and transportation cost and assure punctual delivery as well. We know that quality is of vital importance to a company. We adhere to our principle of High Quality, Reasonable Prices and Overall after-sale service, trying every means to meet the customers' requirements. We can guarantee that if you have one set of COMPUNIC brand quality-control equipment installed for your product, the confidence you obtain from your customers will be doubled.

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Solution / Service
-Metal Detector
-Needle Detector

-End-Of-Line: Detecting at the terminal is usually used in the period between packaging and delivery, suitable for conveying-belt metal impurity detector.

-In-Process:In order to protect the machines, the metal pieces should be prevented from entering the production line. It is worth to install metal-detector in the middle of the production line to avoid any metal impurity-related damages to your valuable processing machines.

-Powder and granules:Most of production process for powder of granule products adopt vertically-dropping method to detect metal particles. Compunic Vertical-Style MD(Metal Detector) is just designed for this purpose. It can effectively eliminate metal parts in the swift-dropping products through its special 3-step fast-doors with high sensitivity.

-Tablets and Capsules:In conformity with the strict standard in pharmaceutical industry, COMPUNIC has come up with a special-purpose metal detector, confirming to every requirements in medical industry. It boasts high sensitivity, even a thin wire like a hair can be detected easily.

-Apparel and sewn products:COMPUNIC's metal detector has enjoyed good reputation in textile and shoe industries because of its high-precise detecting standards. It can not only locate the broken needles, but the position of the products. It will never let pass one single piece of broken needle which will bring injury to your customers. For quality control, it is a indispensable help.