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[ Touch Panel Production]

FORTREND Taiwan Scientific Corp.

Projected capacitive touch technology has became the most popular HMI and can been seen everywhere. Its popularity is unbeatable especially, as if Windows 8 is released in Oct. 2012, the market size of touch panel will be multiplied. It’s estimated that the demand will be valued as high as 10 billion to even 100 billion US Dollars.

Fortrend acquires the semiconductor production technologies and experiences, refer to the past U.S. military touch panel production methods, in developing the special staking structure, material and manufacturing facilities. Only to use a single piece of glass or plastic in making one touch panel, the plastic ones are flexible, the surface hardness can reach 9H, harder than normal glass.

The Fortrend Touch Panel also acquire the function of anti-scratch, anti-bacteria, anti-UV and blue ray, easy to clean and self cleaning. During the years of production proved the yield rate can reach over 80 %, cost less than 50 % of the other manufacturing methods, the facility investment comparably only 1 / 7 of the others. Gradually received the Innovation Patents of the main countries of the world, according to the international investigation organization research, the touch panel of Fortrend is becoming the main stream of the global market.

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Solution / Service
-Nano-liquid diamond coating solve the annoy AV/VR issue
-Applications of liquid diamond
-Nano liquid diamond coating turnkey
-Nano liquid diamond projected capacitive touch panel
-Nano LD projected Capacitive touchpanel turnkey
-Nano-liquid diamond coating screen guard / protector & turnkey
-Nano-liquid diamond coating flexible touchpanel
- ISO-14000
- QC-080000